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"There were so many flavors to choose from...I couldn't decide so I got the "Pick Six", which is when you choose 5 bags and you get the sixth one for free! Thanks, guys!” - Charlie P.

"The owners are super nice, always cheerful and willing to give you a sample of whatever you'd like. Linda will ask if you want to leave the bag open to start eating right away or close it. Always leave the bag open, you get more :-)  "Favorite flavors: CINNABON!! Pumpkin Pie, and the always delicious M&M flavored. Please check them out!" - Megan B.

"Every time we visit family in Germansville there are a few places we HAVE to hit before we come back to Rochester, NY and CLUSTERS is one of them! We LOVE this place & all of the great flavor offerings." - Andie T.

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